Wedding gowns

Don’t trust The Dress to just anyone. Ensure it’s professionally cleaned and preserved for the future. Using the latest environmentally friendly dry cleaning methods, we’ll inspect your gown for even the sneakiest stains (you can’t see sugar and salt, but we can).

Beads? Lace? Ruffles? We protect all the pretty details. Then, we’ll hand-press it and return it to you in an acid-free, museum quality archival box that prevents against yellowing, insects and humidity. While we’re at it, we can also preserve your veil, gloves, purse, and shoes too. Even your child’s christening outfit and special occasion gowns; trust Zoots with all your family memories.

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Zoots takes good care of all your special event clothing, from shoe repair to alterations to professional leather cleaning . We’ll also dry clean and launder your business wardrobe and casual wear. If it’s hanging in your closet, we can handle it.

Friend of the bride? A gift certificate for wedding dress preservation is one gift she’ll remember 25 years from now. Call us or visit us in store for more details.