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At Zoots, we believe in doing the right thing. And we like happy customers. That’s why we live by the Zoots Quality Pledge.

Start out on the right foot.
We go step by step (that’s six steps, actually) to inspect your garments for any potential problems we see before we clean them. Maybe there’s a defect in the fabric. Or it might be weak, old or not colorfast. If dry cleaning it looks risky to us, we’ll point that out and let you make the call.
If you give us the go-ahead to clean a sensitive garment, it’s specially marked so our cleaning technicians know to process it with extreme care. If we can’t reach you so you can make an informed decision, we may return your item without cleaning it. Better safe than sorry!

We take good care of you and your clothes.
Whether you send us your special occasion wear or dry clean everything in your closet each week, here’s what you can expect:

  • Standard shirt buttons replaced for FREE
  • Cuffs and hems tacked for FREE
  • Perfectly pressed garments
  • Orders that are ready on time, every time
  • Customer service that makes your life easy and treats you right

(Other dry cleaners may call these things ‘extras’. But how sharp can you look with a missing button and creases in all the wrong places?)

As close to perfect as you can get.
We do our best to find the spare change and lip gloss you’ve left behind, but please (please!) empty your pockets in advance. (Just like mom used to say.) The items you leave behind can get lost. Or they might go unnoticed and do some serious damage to your clothes during the dry cleaning process. We’re not responsible for finding your pocket items, but we always check — just in case — and if we find anything, we’ll be sure to get it back to you.

Have any questions? Call us at (888) 558-5588, email us at or speak to us in person at your neighborhood Zoots store.

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