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We will be re-opening each location on Friday, February 2, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

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From: David Madoff, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee.
To: Zoots Customers:
Thank you for your patience as we worked to obtain authorization to re-open the store locations in order to return your garments to you. We will be re-opening each location on Friday, February 2, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Despite certain media reports to the contrary, you will be charged for your garments if they have been cleaned. In the event that you do not pick up your garments on Friday, they will be transported to a central storage location, and made available at a later date.

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New Store Open in Beverly

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Our New Store in Beverly is Open! What a great place to get so many items off your to do list. We are located next to Starbucks, The Corner Butcher and many other great local businesses. We are open 7 days a week and located at 240 Elliott Street on Route 62.00_beverly_map_4review

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Zoots supports Community Voices at event on April 11th

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Zoots was recognized on April 11th for its support of Community Voices during its award ceremony and silent auction this year.
More about voices…..
Since 2004 VOICES has been a strong VOICE for victims of crime, connecting them with resources, support and advocating for their rights every step of the way. We continue with our mission to take a proactive approach to protecting our children and communities through awareness by offering child safety, internet safety events and resources, and remain committed to advocating for laws that not only keep our communities safe, but also respect the rights and dignity of victims of crime.
To learn more go to http://www.communityvoices.net
Attached is a copy of the program from the event and a thank you from the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
Community Voices Program snglpgs

CommVoice HouseofRep Acknwlg

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Textile Restoration now available

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What is Textile Restoration? It is a special cleaning process for any cloth material including but not limited to clothing, draperies, bedding, and stuffed animals. Fire damage, water damage, smoke, mold or even soot can have a devastating impact on these items. They need special attention that only Zoots Textile Restoration can handle.

Our crews are ready to respond on a moment’s notice to pick up affected window treatments, clothing and/or bedding, 24/7. Immediate response is essential to avoid costly replacement and to hinder further damage. Zoots is ready to take action when your call comes in!

What makes Zoots the superior choice for restoration?
• Exceptional customer service from our experienced, certified staff is here to help you through a challenging and sometimes difficult time.
• Our process uses a state-of-the-art bar-coding system and cleaning plant which eliminates lost or stolen items by 99.6%. We follow care labels to ensure proper cleaning and protection from color fading, color bleeding or damage to your items.
• Zoots is an environmentally conscious company that is a perc-free (perchloroethylene) facility which ensures the health of the environment and its’ employees.
• Every customer is supplied with a detailed list of all items removed from the home or business.
• Our relationships with insurance companies allow us to bill them directly, eliminating tedious, painstaking inventory and guarantees expedited delivery back to you.

Please contact us at 888-908-8586 if you are in need of restoration dry cleaning. We would love to help! We are on stand-by 24/7 and look forward to working with you.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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breast cancer ribbonYour purple bag may still be purple. But at Zoots, we’ve gone all pink for October in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink as in hangers. And if you haven’t received one yet, don’t worry. You will.

We’re hanging all of our customers’ orders on pink hangers, all month long. And there’s a method to our madness. For every box of pink hangers Zoots purchases from our supplier, MINDA Supply, $1.00 is donated to the American Cancer Society’s efforts to fight breast cancer.

We know that even the guys can handle a little pink in their closets for this important cause.

Help us out.

It’s easy. Drop some pasta on your shirt. Send us all your October laundry. But, in all seriousness, as a Zoots customer, you’re already in. Just by sending us your regular dry cleaning and laundering orders, you’re helping us take a stand against breast cancer. But if you’ve got a few suits that need sprucing up, a bit of tailoring to be done or a few winter coats waiting to be cleaned (and who doesn’t?), we’d like to see them this month.

Every single time we hang up one of your clean, pressed and tailored garments, that’s one more hanger we need to buy. Across all of our store locations and delivery area, that’s a lot of hangers. And every box of hangers means one more dollar to fight breast cancer (you get the idea).

Go on, fill that home delivery bag with shirts, pants, jackets – whatever needs to be freshly cleaned. Get a jump on winter by dropping off your coats and cozy comforters. Tell your friends. Together, we’ll be helping to hang up breast cancer – for good.

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Finding great tailoring and the perfect dress

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Our stores provide more than just dry cleaning. Many of our stores have a full service expert tailor on site. Maria, our tailor from the Danvers store was featured in an article about prom dresses in the Salem News. “Finding the perfect dress at the perfect price”.

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6 Steps to a greener, cleaner home

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Doing your part for a more sustainable planet doesn’t have to change your whole routine. Here are a few simple ways to “green up” your household.

Buy green cleaners. A surprising number of “tough” household cleaners contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), substances that can irritate our eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Think asthma. Smog. VOCs are nasty enough to be restricted in some cities and states. So, why invite them into your home? The same rules apply to PERC, the infamous chemical used by many dry cleaners. (We have never used it at Zoots.) Steer clear.

Read labels. Have you read the warning labels on your household or garden products? It’s generally a bad sign when they tell you to triple-wrap your hands before opening the bottle. If the products you’re using in your home contain chemicals that cause redness or swelling (or worse!), you might want to consider alternatives. We would.
Skip the scents. Fragrances and dyes have little to no cleaning value. What that “fresh spring scent” does is mask a nasty odor or make harsh chemical ingredients more palatable. Citrus-based cleaners and other natural options will keep your home’s indoor air safer and healthier.

Make less garbage. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, packaging alone makes up 17% of our garbage stream! Think about how much you buy. Now you know why products that are minimally packaged or packaged in recyclable or reusable materials make so much sense.

Wash it cold. If your laundry doesn’t require warm water washing, you can reduce energy usage by defaulting to cold water. (Of course, you want to carefully check the care label — don’t guess.)
Meet your local merchants. Shopping locally makes it easier to batch your errands and drive less. You’ll have easy access to locally grown and produced foods and goods. Plus, you’re helping create a more sustainable local economy.

Want more ideas? Check out this list of green cleaning alternatives from the EPA.

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On the go? Get the Zoots app.

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Wherever you go, with Zoots new mobile app, your dry cleaning account is always at your fingertips.

We’ve made it simple and convenient to take care of your necessary cleaning tasks while standing in line for a double Americano, between client meetings, at the airport, while getting a haircut — just about anywhere your busy life takes you. (Please, no app-ing while driving!)

The free MyDryCleaner app, now available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android, takes the convenience of Zoots online account management one step further — offering real-time access to your online dry cleaning account without having to sit down at a computer. 

Besides the fact that you look like a rock star when nothing falls through the cracks, here are a few cool things you can do once you download the free Zoots app to your mobile device.

  • Check the status of your Zoots order.
  • Schedule your dry cleaning pickup while it’s on your mind.
  • Have that coupon in your hand — not on your desk or stuck to the fridge — when you need it.
  • Locate the nearest Zoots store and get detailed map and text directions to get you (or a friend) there.
  • Keep your account up-to-date with the ability to change email, password and even payment information right from your phone or iPad.
  • Look up receipts and keep your order history organized and at your fingertips.
  • Contact Zoots customer care team with the touch of a screen whenever you’ve got a question or a concern.
  • Easily keep up with us (and our special promotions and clothing care tips) on Twitter or Facebook.

Hard to believe we’ve all lived without this until now. But those days are over. Just download your app and walk through the simple setup on our web site. Or drop into a Zoots store, and we’ll get you started.

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Pack cold weather clothes away – the right way

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Call us optimists here at Zoots, but we believe March heralds springtime. After all, the first official day of spring is March 21. So, with our shiny positive attitude on, we suggest you start thinking about packing away that cold weather gear. You won’t need that heavy coat when April showers start watering those May flowers.

Here are a few tips to help you preserve and protect your heavy weight clothing — so it’s ready when you need it.

Launder and dry clean before you store your garments. Sure, it’s tempting to wait until you need them. But your clothing will last longer, look better — and smell better — if you store it clean and not dirty. (Moths love dirty clothes.)

Spring clean your storage spot. We’re talking vacuumed, dusted, aired out and wiped down.

Fold knits flat. Why people insist on putting sweaters on hangers, we will never understand. Hanging just causes them to stretch and lose shape. Is that how you want to look? Shapeless? We think not.

Choose the right hanger. First off, no wire. Wire hangers are fine for everyday, but they’re not intended for long-term storage. Think function. Your go-to jackets and blazers need the collar shaping and support of a deluxe shaped hanger. Pretty padded hangers give lightweight silks and lingerie a little TLC. Notched hangers are meant for dresses and other apparel with fabric support loops. And eliminate deep fold grooves with hangers that allow you to clip your slacks straight at the waistband or hem.

Slow down. Take the time to position garments properly on the hanger. Button or fasten the top few buttons or closures to keep them where you want them.

Don’t cram them all together. This isn’t the subway. Leave space between garments so that they hang properly or sit folded neatly.

Ditch the plastic. Protect your clothing from dust and airborne pollutants by using a clean, white unbleached sheet or breathable cloth garment storage bags.

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Caring for cold weather gear No matter what that groundhog has to say about it

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No matter what that groundhog has to say about it, February always feels like winter in New England. In fact, it can feel like winter is never going to end. Imagine what would happen if you had to wear your winter outerwear for another 3 months? You might become a little crabby. (We see a lot of that this time of year.)

In fact, some of that winter gear is getting grimy by now, don’t you think? Perhaps it’s time to take a look at your winter outerwear and see what needs to happen to keep it (and you!) happy for the rest of the season. We’ll help you out with the leather and dry cleanable fabrics.

Gloves and hats. We say this plural because, well, we know where you live. You’ve probably got a drawer of these things. Please, please, please keep them clean. Grimy hands are a definite no-no. And those hats get sweaty. Read your labels and wash regularly, all season long.

The woolen coat. Many people prefer to clean their woolen coats at the start of the season, and again at the end (a must for protecting the wool in storage!). But if you’re wearing a coat day in and day out, it needs more. And when dirt and spills are involved, it’s a no brainer. Invest in a $10 clothes brush and use it often. You might also consider a mid-season dry cleaning for your favorite coats. We would.

The puffy coat. Love ’em or hate ’em, puffy coats and their slimmed down brethren are a winter staple. Down coats and jackets may be machine washed with a specialized down cleaner and fluffed back up in the dryer. Newer “technical” fabrics may require special care. Be sure to investigate the manufacturer’s labels.

The leather coat. If you cleaned it at the start of the season, you’re good. Unless it’s been stained or otherwise impaired, just mentally schedule it for its annual cleaning.

The kids’ snow pants. Regular washing necessary. They’re kids. Need we say more? Oh yes, that manufacturer’s care label. Read it.

What are you wearing this winter?

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